Marrakech (Maroc) 2017

Construction of a fully new racecourse in Marrakech.

France, Pornichet racecourse (2004 and 2010-2011)

Technical support for the building of a brand new grandstand with its attached horses facilities (parade ring and stables). Designing and building of new racing tracks.

France, La Teste

Full refurbishment of the grandstand and parade ring

Portugal, Rio Frio (2014)

Technical assisstance for developing equestrian activities on Rio Frio area :
finalising the concept, programming the work to be done, building price estimation, following the architecte during the studies, stables adjustment and creation of an arena.

France, Haras de Saint Léonard (Normandie), 2013

Consulting engineers for building a 20 boxes barn in a studfarm.

France, Racecourse of Langon

Consulting enginneers for "La Bidane" racecourse's renovation: stand, boxes and creatiion of a  sandy track for harness racing.

Maroc, SOREC (in progress)

Developing racecourses and an equestrian center (training center, pony club and education center) located in three town in Marocco.

France, Salon de Provence's racecourse (2012-2014)

Programming and evaluating the price for the racecourse renovation including the grandstand, boxes and the creation of a sandy track.

Programming, selecting the workers and following of the construction.

France, Dragey

Technical and economical feasibility study for the improvement of an existing training centre (200 horses) with the construction of additional tracks and stables.

Setting up of a touristic program related to horses in relation with the near "Mont Saint Michel"

France, Réseau ferré de France (in 2012)

Impact study of the future high speed railroad between the cities of Le Mans and Rennes on all identified equine activities located on its way.
Detailed studies of each case and analysis of the compatibility of the equine activities and the building and exploitation of the high speed railroad.
Proposals of adapted compensations.

Qatar, Racing and Equestrian Club

Design and construction of the Qatar National Stud Farm  

France, Cavaillon racecourse (in progress)

Technical and economic feasibility study of a project of renovation of the existing racecourse.

France, La Roche-Sur-Yon

Assistance project management to the city council for the construction works engaged on the racecourse (2.5 M€).


France, La Rochelle-Châtelaillon racecourse (2008-2013)

Technical and economic feasibility study of a project concerning the recontruction of the existing racecourse and the description of additional activities
Setting up of the programme of expected works.
Assistance for the selection of the architecture team

France, FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 (2012)

Assistance for the running of France for the organization of the 2014 World Equestrian Games.
Analyse of the 2 proposed sites, strenghts and weaknesses.
Economic survey for both sites. Opportunities for post WEG use of the site.

Turkey, Istanbul (2009-2010)

Expertise of 7 turkish racecourses and their facilities. Issue of reports for each site with technical recomendations.
Assistance for the rebuilding of Istanbul track (All Weather Track).

Qatar (2008-2010)

Technical support for the design and the building of facilities for the Army and Security Unit.

Russia, Moscow (2008-2010)

Technical studies for the construction of a fully new racecourse in Moscow with an attached training centre.

France, Lyon (2003-2009)

Assistance to the racing club for the reconstruction of the main stand and the stables area, the installation of an all weather racing track and a lighting system.

Assistance and advice to the Lyon Urban District "Le Grand Lyon" for the town planning project "Carré de Soie" which includes the Vaulx-en-Velin Villeurbanne racecourse

France, Cluny, Equivallée (2009)

Assistance for the conception and works of the all weather arenas ans riders area.

France, Cognac (2008)

Aid to the project management (Cognac Urban District) for the definition, planning and follow-up of the renovation of the Cognac Equestrian Centre

France, La Réunion Island (2005-2008)

From 2005, aid to the project management (Urban District of T.C.O., Western Coast Area) for the setting up of a whole horse racing activity on the island (from breeding to the competition).

In 2003, technical and economic feasibility study for the setting up of a horse racing activity on the island.

France, Deauville (Horse auction sales company - Arqana) (2007)

Study of the annual various works programme for the renovation of the « Elie de Brignac » horse auction sales buildings. Set up of the contract specifications document and selection of an architect and a consulting engineer.

New Caledonia, Nouméa (2006)

Analysis on the existing racing and breeding system and report with proposals for improvements.

Technical study for the setting up of a fully new training centre.

France, Lignières (2002- 2006)

Assistance to the project management (Conseil Général du Cher District Council) for the realisation of a fully new racecourse

France, Saint-Brieuc (2005)

Technical assistance to the racing-club for the renovation of the harness track and the construction of new stables. Economical and juridical feasibility study for the integration of the Saint-Brieuc racecourse into the leisure activities of the Urban District Council.

Mauritius (2005)

Assistance to the Mauritius Turf Club for the construction of a fully new racecourse near Saint Louis to replace the existing one. Definition of the elements of the project and elaboration of the technical files.

China, Beijing (2004)

Finalist in the tendering process for the design and build of the equestrian facilities for the 2008 Olympic Games.

France, Nort sur Erdre (2004)

Technical study for building 150 boxes in order to increase the traning centre capacity.
This study has been done for the Community of Erdre and Gesvres

Spain, Madrid, La Zarzuela racecourse (2001-2004)


In 2001, Partner of the group winner of an invitation for tenders launched by the Spanish government for the take-over of the Madrid racecourse


In 2004, Technical assistance for the renovation of the tracks and building for the re-opening of the racecourse



France, Domaine du Haras de Jardy (2003)

Aid to the project management (Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine District Council) for the realisation of an outdoor sand arena (in the prospect of the Horse Driving World Championship, September 2003)

Greece, Athens (2002-2003)

Technical aid for the control of the project and the follow-up of the Olympic equestrian park, with a particular care for the quality and the cost of the facilities (grounds, stables, training tracks) and their practicality (security, circulation paths...)
Technical assistance to the ODIE (State organisation in charge of horse racing and betting) for the follow-up of the building and starting up of the Markopoulo racecourse (built on the site of the equestrian events for the 2004 Olympic Games)

Cyprus, Nicosia Race Club (2002-2003)

Feasibility study on a new training centre including budget, running costs estimate and starting up of the organisation planning.

France, Maisons-Laffitte (2002)

Aid to the project management (town Council of Maisons-Laffitte) with technical and commercial assistance for the extension of the existing training centre (1000 horses in training).

In 2002, technical assistance to the project
management for the renewing of a horse show jumping arena

Qatar, Doha (2001-2002)

Renovation of the racecourse with a new design of the main track, creation of a dirt track and building of new grandstands

France, Tarbes (2000-2001)

Achievement for the Tarbes District Council, of a technical and economic feasibility study of an equestrian complex for which FCS has suggested equestrian activities which will be part of the development of the image "Tarbes, City of the horse"

Turkey, Istanbul racecourse(1999)

Design and follow-up of a new fibre-reinforced sand track for racing and training (1500 horses)

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Ghantoot Racecourse (1994/1995)

Design and setting up of a new racecourse (sand tracks and fibre reinforced turf) and polo grounds with stands and stables
Renovation of the tracks of the Abu Dhabi City racecourse