Equestrian centres, dressage arenas, stands liable to hold large equestrian shows or at racecourses, training centres... are always a matter of Facilities and Equipment.

In order to develop each project, one must from the start take all parameters into account whether they are usual, functional or technical and related to horses and their environment.

This is why, FCS must think, study and find the best solutions in terms of equipment and facilities:

• Use the ground space and buildings (master plan),
• Study, advise, and set up the complementary facilities: watering, lighting systems and fencing,
• Conception and correct sizing of appropriate buildings for horses: stands, yard, stables, indoor arena, paddocks, dressage arena, car parks and circulation paths for horses and staff,
• And generally speaking all public and professional facilities and equipment required in such premises.

FCS also takes part in conducting the works hand in hand with architects, consulting firms and other professionals involved who are seldom in contact with horses and this very specific environment.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, FCS are not only advisors, in most cases they are also involved in the operational phase of projects, in other words in the utilisation of the premises.


The quality and appropriateness of grounds and surfaces are essential to the practise of an equestrian discipline.

Thanks to first grade experience and an independent and objective approach, FCS makes an operational diagnosis in situ through:

- Scientific study of the ground and underground, observation and laboratory tests.

- Introduction of natural and functional criteria: climate, seasons and their characteristics, types and frequency of utilisation, constraint analysis (watering, maintenance...)

- Other parameters such as time and budget constraints related to the mission
Whether the project deals with the creation or the renovation of the site, FCS is able to define and apply the right policy and means :

- Definition or re-definition of surface specifications

- Objective choice of technical solutions for surfaces from already known and tested products and processes. FCS solutions combine customer needs and technical criteria suitable to horses and their environment.

FCS technical expertise on equestrian surfaces comply with the company's philosophy:

- Adaptation and flexibility (from sporadic advice to accompanying customers in their project according to their wishes)

- If necessary, calling on outside recognised experts within the FCS network

- Transferring skills through training, sending technicians...

Technical evolutions are continuous in the field of equestrian grounds

FCS provides its expertise regarding new generation process and products such as synthetic surfaces (all weather surfaces) thank to:

- An office dedicated to the identification of new products, to the evaluation of the different surfaces and the recording of referenced surfaces performances (arenas, racing tracks, training tracks etc.)

- Partnership with specialized laboratories for the edition of references boards and testing process

- The following of maintenance and rejuvenation process

- The setting of an ongoing control program of the equipment

Ground expertise is always the heart of the project. FCS show great team spirit and responsibility towards their customers throughout their missions.