Operating & Managing

The success of an equestrian project lies on the quality of the surfaces, premises and technical characteristics.
Each site must live and take into account equestrian, functional and human requirements which must develop altogether and in harmony. The aim is to satisfy the horses specific characteristics and welfare, the professionals involved in the project and their requirements and last but not least the customers if there are any.

Thanks to their experience as an organiser, FCS work hand in hand with their customers to help them manage their premises, run their shows or meetings and:

• Above all, ensure together with them that the site is compatible with the planned utilisation and sports it has been built for in order to optimise its utilisation. This includes total security for horses and men as well as all the requirements that keeping horses involves.

• Defining the operating regulations for the authorities involved in the organisation of events on the site. Thus, the specific constraints and requirements of the country in which the project is located as well as the needs and wants of the local population must be taken into account: horses, administrative and maintenance staff, public...

• Advise the customer and help him define the human resources policy to lead. This involves staff training on the site or abroad and when necessary, placing outside professionals selected within the FCS network.

• Work on planning and reporting on the operating and management of the site.

These services are FCS's overall mission as well as auditing the organisation, administration and operating of a site already running and in search of improvement in order to boost it.

In the racing activity, FCS services can also involve the competition program as well as advice and recommendations on more specific issues: Rules of Racing, anti-doping control, betting ...