Each horse-related project must be thought and based on the economic situation and environment.

They must be taken into account not only to justify the financing but also to plan their profitability.

FCS act as a partner with their customers to list the financial specifications of their projects and this whatever their ambition and complexity.
FCS technical and economic input encompasses all of the different services and professional skills required in each project.

The expertise rendered by FCS can be summed up as follows:

1. A good understanding of the objectives and a capacity to analyse and complete the project specifications by listening to the customer and advising him. A large amount of technical and economic points must be taken into account from the start so as to assess reliable estimated costs for the project.
2. With an overall approach, FCS works on the financial pattern of the project: FCS helps to plan the different stages and budget headings thanks to previous, similar and reliable experience in this field world-wide.

3. Hand in hand with the staff in charge of selecting the proper consultants (tenders, selection of architects, building contractors and technicians), FCS act as a support both on content and form to optimise this vital step.

4. Being true horsemen with practical experience, FCS consultants also help to establish a realistic operating account, basis of the project and of its credibility.